Unclusion:  (ənˈklo͞oZHən): n., neologism.  The act or result of undoing categories, judgments, or hierarchies, implying a reordering or a resorting that has not yet settled into a new classification.

A false affirmation, perhaps.  Not-A not yet being the affirmation of X, Y or Z.  However, the concept is meant to point toward becoming, one side of a process, the upending, uprooting or flipping which attends all movement and change.  We are less interested in affirming the reigning categories that segment the world and ourselves than in flowing beneath them, jumping from one category to the next, putting them on and off like a mind changing its blouse.  We accept nouns and their limits (writer, teacher, artist, translator).  But what we do here has more to do with verbs and adjectives.  Writing, translating, photographing, sculpting, designing, etc., are movements we slip into and out of.  A poem, a translation, a sculpture, a photograph, a chapbook—each puts a frame around a process that cannot truly be arrested.  Unclusion is meant to direct our attention to the process of slipping away from the grip of a category or an identity, even if this movement of becoming is bound to be re-enveloped.

Just as no one is continuously awake, so no one is able to remain continuously in the present.  According to Baudelaire, the solution to this problem is repetition.  His famous advice, “One must be always drunk,” signals an ingenious approach to the discontinuity of our experience of becoming.  It urges us to plunge immediately, again and again, into whatever passions (wine, poetry, virtue—“à votre guise”) bring us into the present.  This may proceed in a linear fashion—repeating the same movement over and over—or it may proceed transversally, leaping from one movement to the next.  The latter, we believe, more accurately describes creative experience.  Unclusion is a space for the production and preservation of such transitions.

The site has no unifying esthetic or ideological program.  There is no editor.  We, the participants of Unclusion, affirm only our desire to make:  poems, translations, sculptures, photographs, chapbooks—whatever it may be, “à notre guise.”  Our goal is to connect with other makers who also work in the cracks and fissures of capitalism.  We enjoy and participate in all forms of exchange:  galleries, exhibitions, readings, conferences, small presses, etc.  It is our hope to join or to forge a loose network of independents already working outside or alongside the traditional channels of authority.

To Self-Creators everywhere!  We have seen your work in galleries.  We have met you at book fairs and poetry readings.  We have read your chapbooks.  We have visited your websites.  If you like what you see here, please send us an email.  We would be happy to announce your upcoming events or publications and to post links to your websites.

Unclusion is a collective work in progress.